Sep 28th, 2012


Santiago , Chile August 31st , 2012

Chile’s capital , Santiago, rests at the bottom of 60 switchbacks carved into the Andes Mountains winding up to Valle Nevado . To the west, the beautiful rugged coast, is only a couple hours away where Sea Wolves share waves with avid surfers. This time of the year, bigger boards are a must.

Chile is one of my favorite places to travel to. I love the culture, the language, the people, the mountains and the waves . So this summer (South Americas’ winter) I decided to take one more trip to Chile for a little bit of boarding! It was amazing. I rode great pow, hiked a bunch, got to Heli 1 day with the Mekis Brothers, our south American Yes distributers and dear friends. It seemed natural that with the new movie in the can we treat the locals to a showing.

The event started with a skate Jam with a few kids at bowl park right in the hearth of Malls Sport at the bottom of the switch backs. Kids were going off – there’s so many good skaters in this town!

Then we invited everyone in to join us for a Corona and some food from BBB, burgers and empanadas. Buena Onda! Everyone seemed to enjoy that part a lot, and they were able to check out the yes catalogues and boards on display as well as buying raffle tickets to win prizes for our fundraisers. This year the fundraising was for the building of a new skate-ramp at Buchupureo, a few hours south of the Capital. This is part of what the Mekis do; they build ramps around the nation and teach kids to skate. In fact, the premier was hosted at their own bowl park. Also, we gave a framed picture recognition present to Claudio Dre , a graffiti artist that painted all the walls around the park. We foreran our movie with a little clip of him painting the park followed by Jeremy Jones’ new adventure Further.

Many people showed up including various snowboard teams from North America and Europe. Billabong team including Eero Niemala, Jamie Anderson, Helen Schettini (YES rider) as well as guys like skater Spiro Razis, Shane Polpisil ,gabe langlois , Kohl Christiensen even popped in for a few and Sharon and all the compadres I met the last 3 weeks . It was awesome.!
Gracias amigos para venir !

It was also my first time watching the movie and I was thrilled to share the excitement with my new friends from Chile that have been so generous and welcoming. It was a treat to share with them our yearly newest project .
Man the movie is good…Good music and well done, Thanks to Paul Watt , timmy tim tim and Dustin Ortiz, as well as the whole YES team.

Coronas were flying, Carlos de Spy Optics was capturing the moment. I even got to meet Miss Chile 2012 Camilla Recabarren , gave her a Yes shirt.
People screamed when the CHILE section came in, it was great! Good thing we just had a week of pow up in the mountain cause the new flick defiantly makes you wanna ride pow a lot …nothing wrong with this!

The party continued downtown with crew and had the privilege to listen to some unique Chilean reggae with the most amazing female singer and chorus. When they played a Marley song, it was all over …party was on till the early morn!



Dec 2nd, 2011


It’s November 9th, it’s dumping snow on the west coast. 2 weeks ago New York had a huge early season storm….winter is almost here. It’s almost hard to believe. Romain, JP and I came to New York to share that stoke of a coming season, meeting with Justin Hostynek from Absinthe Films, we came here to show a movie. Even if some people must have seen them on I-tunes already, the stoke WAS present, people were happy, excited about the great amount of Pow and Good Vibes that both movies reflected

We gave away a lot of things, Yes It’s a Movie, yes thirst, a The NORTH FACE cryptic outfit, pant and jacket combo, a pair of YES Spy collab goggles. Those goggles are sweet, Also a % of sale is given to plant trees in Costa Rica through POW and Community Carbon Tree in Costa Rica. We gave away 2 YES boards, a Basic and a Pick your Line. As well as Man’s Board from Salomon, Bodies model…
People did hand stands, gave away their bras, back flipped of the railing, and balanced the board on their shins. It was impressive.

Johnny Paxton was also there to represent. He pulled the sweetest move I have ever seen at the movie theater. He pulled out a plastic bag and bought a Large Popcorn, dumped it in his bag and asked for the free refill right away and gave it to me. That was awesome. It ended up being my dinner. That’s and the wings and Quesidilla we ate after we went to the top of the Empire States Building. There was a great View from up there. Felt like King Kong.

On the way out of this place, we see Tracy Morgan, from Saturday night life, going to a movie after we showed YES It’s a Movie. Funny! And that’s when we linked up with DeKa from HoodtoWood Foundation, he takes guys form the rougher parts of New York snowboarding in the winter, climbing. We were then on our way to Fat Baby Bar to meet up with TROUBLE GANG . Man, this was amazing. It was a great party. There was a lot of people …and a very private cozy little venue. It worked out prefect. Thanks to Trevor Andrew and his friends for this.

Guys were rapping, going off! For a while along with a good DJ. Then Trouble Andrew came on stage with guitarist Joel, keyboardist and bassist Maza, and drummer Robi. They played a great set! Trev is getting really good on stage man. Then Ninja Sonic came up, Paul Rodriguez was there and rapping, a lot of people came. It was all time. Thanks to everyone for the sick party.

We then woke up in our hotel near Central Park about 50 blocks away from the party. JP doesn’t remember how he got back or when. Romain slept on the floor on a GYM mattress, water was very much needed. We jumped on the Nike Vegetable Oil Bus and we are off to BOSTON.

So we hit the East Coast Alpine and the Ski and snowboard Expo for a bit , grab a couple beers and then headed to the Greatest Bar where host Kelly hooked it up for us. Trouble Andrew and the gang did another concert , it went off again, The New England snowboard scene was all there , the evening ended up at the hotel with the Gang and our crew.

Then out of nowhere, we woke up at 11: 11 on 11-11-11 to drive to Portsmith and got the opportunity surf some super clean-offshore beach break at sunset. I really feel lucky and would actually love to thank Danny from Billabong Bus for hooking up at 5 4 wetsuit…I sure needed that, JP and the Nike vege oil bus crew had to wear a 3.2 wetsuit . I guess it was really cold. Romain had to go back to New York and get his credit card he had left at the bar. He will meet us in Burlington.

Burlington was sweet, we started with a wicked sushi dinner on Chrucrch Street after we paid a visit at TALENT shop and skatepark. Then we hooked up with a couple old friends from Burlington. It was a bit weird being back in the Home town of Ben and Jerry …but hey , we have great memories with Them. Surprised we didn’t see more of the people working at Ben and Jerry at the premier… HA the Big B and J …they are busy …! Props to Blotto for a sweet hospitality and A_DOG for holding it down in B-town…

Thanks to The NORTH FACE, Ian Feliney, Trouble Gang , SPY , YES . Coops, Hood to Wood , Ryan at Summer Session surfshop , Nike grease bar and everyone else who made this East Coast tour a success.

Till next time!

Photos by Matt Albert

Dec 31st, 2010


DCP wishes you a Happy NEW YEARΩ. 2011 is gonna be the best year ever, yet!
DCP is so stoked to go and celebrate the New Year at BOL in Vail for the P-Daddy Ciroc end of the year party. Looking forward to drinking good vodka and bowling.
Next time you go through Vail, make sure to go check it out.

Bowl in Vail HERE

Nov 4th, 2010


I’d like to send my love to Andy Irons family and friends for their recent loss. I didn’t know Andy on a personal level, may have met him once. But I know, through mutual friends that he was an incredible human being. And for me, a passionate surfer, I always loved to watch him surf on videos, he had the best powerful style. I also know he loved snowboarding, a lot. I heard form a common friend, Jason Ford, that once in Jackson Hole after a sick pow day, he brought his board to dinner and couldn’t stop talking about how fun snowboarding was.

Andy …May you rip waves and pow in heaven. RIP


Mar 14th, 2010

A day filming in whistler between storms

Hi , So, it is is puking in Whistker these days and we are getting some really good snow. I ahve been riding Whistler and Blackcomb this week and I even made the mission to Mt bAker. Its  POW season al over again.

So here is part of an afternoon of Blue bird, solo mission , between storms cycles.

Well, We have Jp Sloberg, and Romain de Marchi in town so, as soon as it breaks blue, we are on!

Mar 14th, 2010

Dcp's avalanche experience April 2009

Check this video,

this was last season, pretty much my last day shooting .

Don’t do the mistakes I did, and avoid cornices at all cost…especialy with Spring coming…cornices  are heavy, big,loaded and ready to break on you.

So my advise to you: Don’t stand on a cornice and watch out if you are at the bottom of a corniced slope.

And please, be careful this spring on your POW search…follow your gut and if it feels wrong, DONt DO IT! it’s only snowboarding after all! You have plenty more days to come…

Avalanche danger is a serious thing and should be considered everytime you go out in the backcountry or hike off the lift at your local resort.

Mar 10th, 2010

Meet Meghann Obrien , our Women team rider

Check this out, there is some photos and see what Meghann is passionate about