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Oct 14th, 2014

September Sessions

 DCP.me_Sombrio Trail

In another life, born in another part of the country, DCP would have been a pro surfer. He spends at least 3 months a year at his second home in Costa Rica and will drop almost anything to hit Vancouver Island at the slightest hint of a winter swell. He also loves to skate any chance he can.

In another life, with only a slight shift in focus, Austen could likely have been a pro skater. His daily routine in Seattle begins with a meet-up at the local coffee brewers before hitting any number spots around that skate-rich city. He also loves to surf any chance he can.

With a Northern Hemi winter still a couple months out and the mystic combination of a solid west swell and sunny weather in the forecast, it only took a single text from DCP to get Austen loaded up and pointed North on the I5.

“Wait. Shit…..forgot my skate!”

U-Turn. Scramble. Back on the 5…

A couple hours later, and with the annoyingly predictable border hassle behind him, he snaked in the Twasassen Ferry terminal with minutes to spare and found himself parked 2 cars behind David and I in the lineup.

For the next two days we drove a lot of twisty roads, paddled for hours, surfed our brains out and slept about half as much as we needed. While the swell direction and timing never really lit up the point we had our eye’s on, we still scored overhead, clean lines at a few other solid breaks. Austen got a chance to check out a coastline he’s never seen and David proved to us again that it doesn’t matter – wetsuit or trunks, Canada or Costa Rica – he’s gonna stay out there longer than anyone.

The crowds where not surprising with this being the first real swell of the winter.  Plenty of guys like us still have a couple months before the snow hits and the Internet reports have made sure no one misses an approaching swell anymore. Hopefully we get a few more of these trips in before powder missions and resort days keep us mainlanders occupied and locals finally get the lineups to themselves.


Sep 12th, 2014

Mug shots and interviews.


Getting any team of international athletes together at one time is a challenge most brands face. We’re lucky enough to have most of our team calling the coastal mountains of BC home. The valley connecting Squamish and Whistler is a mecca almost every pro rider flocks to at some point during the winter. Even the ones that don’t really call it home all year – Benji and Austen, for example – find themselves here for sometimes months out of the season.

This spring while Austen happened to be in town, before Benji left for summer in Québec, we hadn’t lost Helen to the beaches of So Cal yet, David to the waves of Costa Rica or Romain to his family in Switzerland; we managed to get an impromptu photo and interview session together.

@Frank and Tadashi – bummed we could make it happen with you guys too!

Anyway, the photos are just cause you need photos – LOTS of photos. And since we have such a damn good-looking team, we might as well load the bank up with a tonne of mug shots, right?

The gathering also gave us a chance to interview each of the riders for the upcoming web-series called “Influences”. It’s the story of YES. told by each of the main founders  - RDM, JPS and DCP. How their shared passion of a lifestyle drove them to such influential heights and what impact that has had on the next generation of shreds.

Look for it online this fall.

“Influences” Past. Present. Future.

Sep 12th, 2014

Why wouldn’t you make snowboards in Dubai?

The question is: “why wouldn’t you make snowboards in Dubai?”

In the spirit of transparency and getting ahead of speculation we thought we’d clear the air on our recent factory shuffles.

As many of you have probably heard, we will be moving all 016 sampling and next years production to the new SWS factory in Dubai. Currently this factory is building the 014/015 Basic, Emoticon and 420 production boards that are in shops now. All other production boards are being made by GST in Austria.

The quality, service and professionalism of GST is and always has been excellent. Every board they make (for all their customers) is of top-notch quality and we are proud to stand behind the product they build.

All 014/015 YES. boards are warrantied for life, regardless of the factory they are coming from.

Moving forward, SWS was simply a better fit for YES. for reasons a blog post can’t explain. No, it’s not simply pricing – many other factors come into play. But the important thing to the YES. customer is that quality and performance is remains our most important criteria.

Back in July I travelled to Dubai to finalize all the new designs, tooling, BOMs, flex patterns, graphics, scheduling etc… I can be quite an annoying bore to my hosts, so to lighten things up, Romain and JP flew down for a few days. It was their first trip down to the factory in person, and I think it’s safe to say they have been completely blown away by everything they have seen. – A few hours in the wave pool didn’t hurt first impressions either –

The cleanliness, safe working conditions and passion for manufacturing the best product possible is evident everywhere you go here at SWS (and in Dubai in general). They have an employee retention rate that any European factory would envy and that no Chinese factory will ever achieve. (And no – they don’t take their passports away from them!) The snowboard area is all-new, as is the specific tooling/machinery required for production. The whole operation has been launched by 2 passionate snowboarders that have well over 20 years of snowboard manufacturing experience under their belt. That invaluable knowledge is plugged into a much larger, well-established manufacturing complex (almost 50 yrs in business) that provides unbelievably fast tooling and prototyping services.

For an example of what that means to us; soon after JP and Romain arrived we spent the day riding the indoor snow-dome, testing 3 newly designed models – The PYL, Jackpot and the all-new 20/20 (working name). We had 3 different flexes/BOMs/base-profiles for each of these models and were riding them in July, 30 minutes from the factory.

No other factory in the world can offer all of this, 365 days a year.

The drive to truly innovate, create and lead (not follow) the industry is what YES. is all about, and what the owners themselves have always stood for. We have found a home here at SWS that is truly in-sync with our vision.

YES. The future is bright.

Mar 20th, 2014

YES.’s 1st annual sweepstakes winner goes home happy!

Kahle Toothill and her boyfriennd from Denver Colorado flew into Vancouver last friday night just as Whistler was getting another dump of snow on an already growing base. After an epic dinner at Teppan Village and a rousing party at the “Face To Face” concert they crashed at the very comfortable Summit Lodge in downtown Whistler.

Saturday, they woke up, blurry-eyed, to the full mountain tour with Romain, David, Colin and Helen all while shredding on an unexpected gift, a 2016 Hel.YES 152. The snow didn’t stop all day Saturday and into the night, so while they slept off another huge dinner at Sushi Village the powder kept piling up.

Colorado pride and snowboarding legend in her own right Megan Pischke joined the hosting crew on the mountain sunday to finish off what Kahle repeatedly was calling one of the best trips of her life.

Her email to DCP a couple days later sums it up best.

“Hey David,

THANK YOU! This weekend was unreal.

You guys went above and beyond. If there is anything I could do for you guys in return, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m forever grateful that I had the opportunity to hang out and shred with the crew. You really made me feel like part of the YES family. I’m gonna miss all you guys.

Let me know when you’re in CO again. Would love to shred again soon!

All the best to the team and Meg.


P.S. Josh is also extremely thankful and had a ton of fun!

Big thanks to DCP and Olivier Dallaire Dumas for organizing everything and of course our very generous sponsors Whistler Mountain, Summit Lodge, Underground Tunning, Sushi Village and Teppan Village for making to all possible.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

Feb 12th, 2014

Trouble Andrew

Trouble has been hard at work in the lab. Check out some of his new videos he just dumped on us.

Nov 14th, 2013

Missions Premiere – Whistler

Well the mountains are opening all over our great earth and we are all topped up with stoke from a busy season of movie premieres. Ready to Shred! The Yes. family got together in Whistler for a good ender before we all start the 2014 snow season. We did some signing and give aways with our friends at The Circle and then headed over to El Furniture Warehouse Resturant/Bar to watch YES.Missions, party and giveaway more love. Here is a few photos from the night. Lets get shredding! photos: Chad Chomlack
missions_blog-1 missions_blog-8 missions_blog-7 missions_blog-6 missions_blog-4 missions_blog-3 missions_blog-2







Sep 29th, 2013

YES. Missions Tour

Check out the tour schedule for YES. Missions. Coming to a city near you.


Sep 24th, 2013

The Worst of Trouble Andrew

Peep out the new mix tape by Trouble Andrew.


Apr 23rd, 2013

We’ll Miss Ya Joe.

By now many of you may have heard the news about the avalanche in Colorado that occurred Saturday April 20th, near Loveland Pass.  Sadly we lost one of our own in this tragic accident.  Joe Timlin was the YES, NOW, and Jones Snowboards rep for the Rocky Mountain region. But more importantly, he was family.  Brother-in-law to DCP and Megan, and a close friend to many in the Colorado wintersports community, Joe was a bright, dynamic person who will be sorely missed. Everyone here at Nidecker USA considers Joe and his wife Krissy to be extended family of ours, and we are devastated by this terrible loss.  Memorial information will be provided once we hear more details from Joe’s family.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.  As we all begin the process of picking up the pieces, it’s important to remember that life is precious and family is everything.  Please play safe.


 Additional details on the event can be found by following updates on:



Apr 11th, 2013


Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) seeks your support in honoring and raising funds for one of our own, pro snowboarder and B4BC ambassador Megan Pischke.

Megan, who has been leading B4BC’s Survivor ReTreats for the past 5 years, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is in need of support for her ongoing treatment and integrated health care.

Please stand in solidarity with Megan and her family, rally your friends and all you know, and give a little towards someone who gives so much to all of us!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Purchase Event Ticket(s). Tickets are $20.00 at the door and includes a free Kokanee and raffle ticket. Doors open at 7PM.

2. Make a Donation*. If you are unable to attend, please consider making a cash donation through the online fundraising page:

*Please email inquiries regarding tax-deductible contributions in the U.S./Canada to

3. Adopt B4BC4Megs logo and promote via social media/personal networks. Help raise awareness while promoting healthy, active living and the local community of doctors, therapists and integrated health care providers that are supporting Megs and other breast cancer patients.

More on her story why It’s Personal for Megan Pischke on the B4BC Tumblr.

Thank you for your support,

David Porcheron

Lisa Hudson, B4BC Co-Founder

Erika Seward, B4BC Executive Director