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Helen Schettini has been busting her ass in the backcountry for years with the boys, getting her game to the point that the whole world finally stood up and took notice. Strapped to her feet for this groundbreaking year was the Hel YES. directional twin shape with our lightweight, responsive Poplar core. It handles everything from pillow stacks to big mountain lines. Overbite edges lend added confidence when hardpack snow conditions are less than film worthy. The final result is a board designed for any woman that’s ready to step up their game…

  • SHAPE: Directional Twin
  • BASE PROFILE: Directional Camrock
  • OUTLINE: Radial, w/ OverBite edges
  • CORE: 2X Poplar w/ Impact Blocks
  • GLASS: Triax top, Biax bottomm
  • BASE: Die-cut sintered 2000

Board Tech



Directional / Radial W/ Overbite Edge. There are a lot of variations on this theme out there. Through trial and error we’ve found locating a slight "bump-out" running parallel to the sidecut at each of the binding areas breaks up the edge just enough to increase grip in icy conditions. The bumps are subtle and work without feeling grabby, slowing you down, or being a nightmare to tune.