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Pick Your Line

Early season nipple-deep Hokkaido pow, BC pillow-lines and Alaskan spines. DCP packs this one board in his bag and rips it all. The PYL has been tried and tested, refined and dialed for big moves on a big canvas. Hyper responsive with tip to tail carbon stringers, it maintains crud-plowing stability from its beech-railed core and beautiful veneer topsheet. Underfoot a blazingly fast, stone-ground sintered base get’s you up and planning fast, and ready to clear the nastiest of bergschrunds.

  • SHAPE: Directional
  • BASE PROFILE: Directional Camrock
  • OUTLINE: Radial Sidecut.
  • CORE: The PYL
  • GLASS: Triax top, biax bottom
  • BASE: Stone ground, die-cut, Sintered 2000

Board Tech


Directional / Radial

Some might call this a directional twin as the differences on the PYL for example are not as drastic as some. For us, anything that’s not a true twin is. Nose length outside of the effective edge is longer than the tail and the stance is set back, usually in the neighborhood of about 20mm from center of effective edge (EE).