The 420

Inspired by Steve Lis, Äsmo, Q, the first Kidwell and an amazing week at Trout Lake. Super short, the 420 plays with volume distribution and get its float and stability from the exaggerated width, a little taper and a custom crafted base profile. The result is close to what you get in the surf with a well-designed fish: really fast, loose, and will get you places you struggled to get to before.

  • SHAPE: Directional Weird
  • BASE PROFILE: 4mm Nose rocker blending to flat , 2mm Tail
  • OUTLINE: Directional , weird, wide, tapered
  • COREE: Core 6. Lightweight mix of 50/50 Poplar and Paulownia
  • GLASS: Triax top , Biax bottom
  • BASE: Die-cut sintered 2000

Anyone that can get their hands on one.

Available in size:

  • 148
This graphic plays homage to one of our favorite places; Mt Baker, Washington. Wood grains from the thick forest and a splash of moss green for some color pop. - Dustin Ortiz

Board Specs