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The 420

Since introducing the 420 a couple years ago, we’ve received a steady stream of testimonials from people that were literally blown away from their experience. No bullshit – this board will shatter your long-held beliefs of what a snowboard can do. Super short, the 420 plays with volume distribution and get its float and stability from the exaggerated width, a little taper and a custom crafted base profile. The outline and base-surface area of the 148 is equal to a traditional 160 cm board and therefore has similar float and stability. But with all the mass located closer to your feet, it’s far more maneuverable and way easier to spin. Because we don’t get carried away with taper, swallowtails or overly setback stances, the board also rides switch and holds amazingly well on hardpack.

  • SHAPE: Directional Weird
  • BASE PROFILE:Rocker (aka “Powrock”)
  • OUTLINE: Radial sidecut, slight taper.
  • CORE: Featherlight Core
  • GLASS: Triax top , Biax bottom
  • BASE: Die-cut sintered 2000

Board Tech


Directional Wide / Tapered

Powder is all about speed and flotation. Displacement of a board’s volume is affected by more than just length. With the 420, we’re able to get the stability and float normally associated with much longer boards by punching out the waist width and drastically chopping the length. Stance is only slightly set back from center of effective edge because the difference in nose and tail shovel keeps you from going over the nose.