The Asym

The Asym is a clean slate. The Greats theme is over and we’re letting this TransWorld Good Wood winning shape speak for itself. The heel edge is deeper than the toe, balancing out the natural inefficiencies of how we turn and delivering a ride that is more balanced than you are.

This thing rides insane switch!

This year we step things up by incorporating parabolic Beechwood rails on a lightweight Poplar core. The parabolic rails work directly with the outline of the board to deliver incredible response and snap.

  •  BASE PROFILE: 4mm Nose, 4mm Camber, 4mm Tail
  • CORE: Core 5. Poplar core with pre-bent, parabolic Birch rails
  • BASE: Die-cut, sintered 2000
  • GLASS:Triax top , Biax bottom



YES. Snowboards The Asym 160 YES. The Asym 158 YES. The Asym 156 YES. The Asym 152 YES. The Asym 150
"What better way to show the asymmetrical nature of this board then to have the graphic itself be large geometric asymmetrical shapes . Keep it simple." - Dustin Ortiz

Board Specs