The Basic

Re-designed and re-shaped this year. The Basic is a true twin by definition: the stance is centered on the effective edge and the nose and tail are identical lengths. Here’s where we switch things up. Pow reacts to nose and tail volume far more noticeably than hard-pack. Applying that to a twin, we shaped the tail in such a way that its volume is less than the nose so even though it’s a twin, it floats like a directional in pow. A combination of mid-camber with rocker outside the binding areas makes for an easy to ride, all-terrain board that holds when pushed.

  • SHAPE: Directional Twin
  • BASE PROFILE: 4mm Nose, 4mm Camber, 4mm Tail
  • OUTLINE: Directional Volume Twin, Radial
  • CORE: Core 2. Poplar with Beechwood Impact blocks
  • GLASS: Biax top and bottom
  • BASE: Die-cut Extruded 4400

Board Specs