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The Jackpot

This GoodWood winning magic board is a go-to freestyle deck from Big Bear to Breck, from Seymour to Saas Fe. A classic True- Twin outline outfitted with triax glass for responsiveness and hold at speed, and a full sintered base for clearing everything in the park. We’ve kept the much-loved Camrock base profile but updated the core to a durable Poplar assembly that includes Beechwood impact blocks under the feet.

  • SHAPE: True twin
  • OUTLINE: True Twin, Radial Sidecut
  • CORE: Poplar w/ Impact Blocks
  • GLASS: Triax top, Biax bottom
  • BASE: Die-cut sintered 2000

Board Tech


True Twin

A mainstay of freestyle riding. Completely symmetrical outline; the stance is centered on the effective edge, tip and tail are identical length and shape, flex is identical at both ends of the board. Radial sidecut is effective and predictable. The overall shape allows complete freedom of expression by keeping the board a neutral, yet responsive tool.