Mar 4th, 2010

Check this one out it's crazy !

Feb 24th, 2010

Vince in "Me & My Crew" episode 2

Just a little park shreddin’ with my friends, & my new haircut…

Feb 18th, 2010

Japan tour end of the day 2 and day 3&4

Ok the journey continue. After a fun days in Minoa we stayed one night around minoa to get some good hot tub and party with Manobua San family in Yorozu-ya ……….. the night was fun and funny partying with local we play that game called Ping Pang Pong  …… we end up shit face , or I end up shit face ! chect out the video!

Party time!!!!!!!


After a massif night and a hug hang over we left the town to go chill in As bandai for snowboard kids event that . it was nice to see all those kids with smille on there face and enjoying snowboarding . It made us realize how important our message true YES as to keep going !

morning after party ! ready to hit the tub

Well after having blast at the contest with the kids and a good night rest we where on our way to sleding …. wait a minute sleding in japan ?? is that possible ? and the answer is YES . one of Manubu friend hooked us up with some sled made with state of the art ! the place we when to is called Washi Kura Onsen it is next to Minoa and we had the chance to see a active volcano wild sleding it was really special !

look at that by boy ….. Jyodo daira

tree !!!!!!!

Feb 15th, 2010


After a good night with epic grinds at the local Izakaya in Fukoshima we got up all jet lagged to go shred the local mountain in Fukoshima called Minowa with our Yes Man Manabu san .  But we realized that it was raining on the mountain and we dicided to go surf near by Fukoshima about 1 hour east .

It was the coldest snowiest surf I have experienced in my life, freezing to the point duck diving the waves was causing ice cream head aches….. But man it was worth the pain ……

some weird stuff happen in japan


Ok day one was surf time but now it as snow a bit in the mountain in Minoa the local resort of fukoshima . Back in the bus draw 30 minute and when we got there it snow 20 cm on top of ice crust layer . So did what we do best just go ride and have fun with no pressur of filming !

Tadashi !

Feb 13th, 2010


Just back from a rail trip in Helsinki! Even on the smallest rails, it hurts…


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Feb 11th, 2010

ISPO result ……… A BLAST

Ok for some of u that I never been in a trade show it is the most bra wanna be cool of the industry……. But that thought did last long this year because we had so much fun and people are so supportive of us that it change totaly my point of view of trades shows.

Enjoy the picture:

Feb 5th, 2010


Feb 3rd, 2010


Hey people come check Christian from inkvaders tattoo shop perform at the ispo yes booth and win the board that he is drawing with raffle

Feb 1st, 2010

Aerial party @ NDK booth on the 8 in ispo

Hey Guys come check out our lates head phone party at the ndk stand in ispo with DJ joli on the mondays 8  at 8 until 10h30 pm

Feb 1st, 2010


well i think u guys ad a good time hang out with pamy there !!!!!!!!!! FUCK I WISH I COULD SE THOSE BIG TITS ……. LUCKY GUYS