The Beginning:

It all started in 2008. Romain de Marchi (RDM) was the most explosive rider on the planet, he had mastered Chad’s gap and was bringing big freestyle tricks into the backcountry. Jan Petter Solberg (JPS) was pushing the limits of freestyle in the backcountry and David Carrier Porcheron (DCP) was opening new hits and lines across the British Columbia backcountry. Those 3 boys were changing snowboarding and influencing all generations of riders. They were the golden children of snowboarding. But at the top of their game the global crisis of 2008 hit hard and the UnInc program they had built got cut, leaving them without a board sponsor. Obama was running for president and his motto was YES WE CAN. RDM, JPS, and DCP had the same attitude when they proposed building a new snowboard brand. Everyone was saying «it’s not possible», «you can’t pull it off», but Barack Obama’s words came in strongly: YES WE CAN. They reached out to the Nidecker brothers and pressed their first boards that were hand-painted YES WE CAN. YES. was founded.


Over the years Yes. has increasingly been honorably recognized by industry thought leaders and media channels. Considering the almost non-existent ad budget does little to sway or influence these voices, it is a true honor to receive these awards. For you, the customer, it means unbiased 3rd-party validation that our innovative design theories make a difference on snow, adding enjoyment to an already blissful experience, and adding value to whatever board you decide on.

These are just a few of the awards we are most proud of:

Whitelines Choice Mens Newcomer


Whitelines Choice Mens Powder


Whitelines 100

2018/19 Whitelines 100 award for the Basic Decade, Optimistic, PowInc.

TWS Good Wood Park

Greats Unic & Chi

TWS Good Wood All-MTN


ISPO Gold Medal

ISPO Gold Medal winner – The 20/20 PowderHull

Transworld Good Wood

Over 10 Transworld Good Wood Awards

Whitelines Shape of the Year

Whitelines Snowboard Shape of the Year – The 20/20

Whitelines Testers Choice

3 years in a row, Whitelines Testers Choice under 350 euro - The Basic


“On a retail level, Yes sit’s in a very unique place. it’s the first of the new generation of rider driven brands to have made that difficult transition from the core market into the general snowboarding mindset, and that, on a product level is something that just can’t be ignored. What this means in real terms, is you have a brand owned and run by active snowboarders, pushing not only to the core, but really driving innovation and technology from entry level all the way through to high end boards. For us as snowboarders, this is something that is really important at a store level, it makes the whole process of presenting Yes boards to our customers a whole lot simpler. People want to buy into brand stories, and if we are being honest, there isn’t a brand story that comes anywhere near the story of Yes.”


“I now know why it’s the leader of the pack in the pow board revolution”.


“YES. is what happens when a community comes together and stands behind the individuals who shape our sport. We opened our doors to them and trusted them to do what they have done, nothing short of inspirational. We love you guys, we are snowboarding.”

– Steve Harris / The Circle / Whistler, BC.

“Out of the 400+ boards I’ve tried, I don’t think any other brand has such a wide appeal to our crew and readers as YES. does. Alex makes a good board for nearly every type of budget, condition, boot size, ability level, and riding style. This is why they earn so many favorite nods from The Good Ride.”

- James Biesty / Editor and Gear Whore Extraordinaire / The Good Ride