Dec 6th, 2011


Re-known backcountry specialist – Tadashi Fuse – began HEART Films in 2006 to help create a medium to showcase some of Japan’s talents and hidden locations to the international snowboard scene as well as to convey the enjoyment of snowboarding to the masses…It was not an easy step to build this new avenue. Tadashi moved his family to Canada and started a Canadian company – even though he could not speak much English. He hired filmers and editors and purchased a fleet of snowmobiles. Tadashi sacrificed his own riding time to show the ropes to his new handpicked crew. Tadashi believed that it was time for the Japanese snowboard industry to grow and to be exposed to this new medium. Tadashi wanted to share his experiences and to document the awesome power of snowboarding in the backcountry. After 5 years of building and establishing this new environment – the time has come for Tadashi to move on and to let the other riders achieve recognition with their own styles and skills. Please support our new HEART FILMS’ crew as well as Tadashi Fuse’s future endeavors – YES Now Board