This years Tadashi continues with the Directional Volume Twin shape that works so well for those committed to riding twins, but wanting better floatation in powder. With a lower volume tail shape than nose, the board planes like a directional but spins like a twin. The modern Camber base profile takes what we’ve learned with Rocker and applies the traditional pop and response you want without any of the grabby-ness that people associate with camber from the 90’s. Under the hood lies a new lightweight Poplar core with 2 Bamboo stringers running tip-to-tail providing a seamless balance of snap and dampening.

  • RIDERS: Tadashi Fuse and real men that ride camber.
  • LENGTHS: 154, 156, 156W, 158
  • SHAPE: True Twin
  • OUTLINE: Directional Volume Twin
  • FLEX: 4/5
  • BASE PROFILE: Modern Camber
  • CORE: Poplar + Bamboo
  • GLASS: Triax
  • BASE MATERIAL: Sintered True

Board Tech


Directional Volume Twin / RADIAL

needed to address the need for guys committed to riding only twins but finding themselves in more pow. Nose and tail volume is hard to notice in hardpack unless you’re nose/tail pressing, but in pow it affects floatation and you can feel it. This led to the simple idea of the Directional Volume Twin. Symmetrical flex, centered stance, identical wide-points of the board (therefore, NOT tapered), identical length shovel lengths but with a slightly lower volume tail.