The Public

This year the Public is upgraded with a full tip-to-tail poplar wood core providing better pop and a more robust ride.

Requiring a neutral yet responsive and durable board, the Public was designed for terrain that was never meant to be ridden.Flat (or zero) camber keeps the board neutral enough to not get too squirrely and unpredictable.The core is milled with a mid-flex between the feet and a slightly thicker “bump”, just outside the binding areas. This produces a soft overall flex that still pops ollies. The nose and tail profiles are a blended radius to flat kick that are perfect for extended nose presses.

  • RIDERS :Austen Sweetin
  • LENGTHS : 148, 151, 152W, 154
  • SHAPE : True Twin
  • OUTLINE : Radial
  • FLEX : 3/5
  • BASE PROFILE : FlatRock 2-0-2
  • CORE : Full Poplar
  • GLASS : Biax
  • BASE MATERIAL : Extruded



A mainstay of freestyle riding. Completely symmetrical outline; the stance is centered on the effective edge, tip and tail are identical length and shape, flex is identical at both ends of the board. Radial sidecut is effective and predictable. The overall shape allows complete freedom of expression by keeping the board a neutral, yet responsive tool.