THE Y. 2019/20

YES. The Y 19/20 snowboard, topsheet & base view.

THE Y. 2019/20

Optimistically Accessible.

With the growing popularity of the Optimistic we felt it was time to bring the amazing resort versatility of this shape to those with more modest budgets. All the benefits of the shape are intact – wide platform, UnderBite outline and directional nose/tail volumes - with a more cost-effective material assembly. It’s also tuned down from the Optimistic with a less aggressive flex and a little rocker added to outer ends of the contact surface.

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SKU: SY200158

THE Y. 2019/20 tech

DCP, JF Pelchat
Full Poplar

Flex rating: 8/10

Riding Type



UnderBite edges re-distribute a rider’s weight in such a way that it enhances turning ease and edge hold. Creating divots inward at the binding area reduces and disrupts the surface area of the edge that has contact with the snow while the board is turning. This increases the edge pressure by distributing your weight/energy in the areas where you need it - from the binding out, and through the center of the board where the carving arc is taking place. This segmentation of the sidecut into 3 key zones focuses your body weight onto areas that initiate, hold and release turns.


Full Poplar

Our baseline core for tip to tail woodcore snowboard construction. Strikes a predictable balance between durability, consistent flex and light weight.

Base Profile

Camrock 2-4-2

Base Materials

Sintered Spec

This is the term we use, and is the grey zone many companies play in. We call it Sintered Spec because both its hardness and chemical properties, and its on-snow performance, are very close to true sintered - but it is formed using the extrusion process. How? – The raw material is actually pre-consumer recycled (meaning it never left the factory) sintered base material. So while the heating and extrusion process has softened it slightly, it’s still much harder than true Extruded.

THE Y. 2019/20 specs

Board Length (cm) 151 154 157
Surface Area (dm2) 40.5 42.2 43.7
Tip Length (cm) 31.2 31.6 32
Tail Length (cm) 15.2 15.6 16
Effective Edge Length (cm) 116.6 118.8 121
Contact Length (cm) 104.6 106.8 109
Waist Width (cm) 25.6 26.2 26.6
Tip Width (cm) 30.7 31.5 31.9
Tail Width (cm) 30.1 30.8 31.3
Rocker / Camber (mm) R2 / C4 / R2 R2 / C4 / R2 R2 / C4 / R2
Sidecut (m) 6.2 6.3 6.5
Ref. Point (cm) 53.3 55.9 58.4
Ref. Point (in) 21 22 23
Ref. Stance Setback (mm) 0 0 0
Min Ref. Stance Width (cm) 49.3 51.9 54.4
Min Ref. Stance Width (in) 19.4 20.4 21.4
Max Ref. Stance Width (cm) 57.3 59.9 62.4
Max Ref. Stance Width (in) 22.6 23.6 24.6
Rider Weight (lbs) 110-150 130-170 140-200
Rider Weight (kg) 50-68 59-77 63-90