Dec 20th, 2012

Shop Props: US OUTDOOR

YES: There are a lot of snowboard shops out there in the world. What makes your shop different?
US Outdoor: Three main reasons: Our customers, people in the NW love to snowboard and love to learn and talk about; it really makes our jobs fun so we look forward to coming to work everyday. We are a one location family owned shop with the inventory that rivals a large chain but the selection and brands of a core shop. The most knowledgeable staff with a passion for snowboarding.

YES: There are also a lot of snowboard brands out there. Why does your shop carry YES?
US Outdoor: Yes as a brand is a lot like our shop its rider owned and they’re making boards because they have a passion for snowboarding. When you create something because you love it the end product is going to be good.

YES: What models do you carry and what is the favorite amongst your staff?
US Outdoor: We carry The Basic, The Public, The Greats, Pick Your line, Jackpot and 420. We have such a diverse crew of riders here it’s hard to pick just one model. I think it’s safe to say we all pray for blower pow so we can ride the 420.

YES: How many days does your staff ride in a season?
US Outdoor: As many as Mother Nature allows. Pretty much if we’re not working we’re riding or maybe it’s the other way around. Luckily for us Hood is our local hill so we can ride year round.

YES: Local events your shop is supporting or putting together for this season
US Outdoor: We’ve already put on a couple premier/parties and we have three more on November 6th, 13th and 20th at Clinton Street with two movies each night. We have a few more things in the works that we’ll post on our Facebook in the near future.

YES: If you could take you staff on a dream trip, where would it be and why?
US Outdoor: JAPAN – Powder, Culture, Sushi!

Big thanks to our staff: Willy Bean, Paul Srofe, Jeremy Matherly, Jen Minor, Josiah Flippin, Adrien Young, Michael Stoeger and Megan Bailey.

Name of shop: US Outdoor
Owners: Solomon family
Number of years in business: 55
Number of locations: 1