Nov 13th, 2012

Shop Props: Milosport

Owners: Orem
Benjamin Louis Pellegrino and Todd Allen Mitchell

YES: There are a lot of snowboard shops out there in the world. What makes your shop different?
MILO: We aren’t very different from any other specialty shop in the US.. I believe all the top snowboard shops in the country provide the same great service as we do. Emage,CalSurf,Salty Peaks,SnoCon,US Outdoor Store,Jackson Treehouse,Exit,World Boards,Edge of the World,Eastern Boarder,Darkside,Shred Shop,Youth Shelter,Evo,etc,etc. We’re all just trying to our best to keep our customers stoked on snowboarding, nothing else, we all love snowboarding so much, just want to provide a place for people to live, eat, and breathe shredding…..

YES: There are also a lot of snowboard brands out there. Why does your shop carry YES?
MILO: we are pretty much down for anything DCP does, that guy is the most amazing rider. Stoked on rider owned companies. Plus holy cow they shred a lot of pow, how can you not like that?

YES: What models do you carry and what is the favorite amongst your staff?
MILO: .we carry the Basic,the Greats,the TDF, the Pick Your Line, and the Jackpot.  I would have to say that the shops favorite over all board is the greats, good for everybody, from our kid slower speed jibbers, to our all mtn chargers, asym sidecut is a definite bonus that the whole staff as appreciated…..

YES: We all know that there are a few shops out there that barely ride. How many days your staff ride per season?
MILO: whole staff gets anywhere from 50-80 days on snow every year, some are married some have school, they all shred.

YES: If you could take you staff on a dream trip, where would it be and why?
MILO: that’s easy. Baldface Lodge,Chatter Creek,Retallak and cat boarding operation in the Koots, cause it’s the best place to shred pow on earth.

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