Oct 24th, 2012

Shop Props: World Boards

Owner: Jay Moore
Website: www.worldboards.com

YES: There are a lot of snowboard shops out there in the world. What makes your shop different?
World Boards: We have been around for 19 years and have always had the best service anywhere. We ride what we sell and test a lot of stuff all while smiling. Snowboarding is fun!

YES: There are also a lot of snowboard brands out there. Why does your shop carry YES?
World Boards: Yes is a brand owned by snowboarders and the decks are fun to ride. We like to support the real in snowboarding.

YES: What models do you carry and what is the favorite amongst your staff?
World Boards: All of them probably DCP’s and just the Basic.

YES: We all know that there are a few shops out there that barely ride. How many days your staff ride per season?
World Boards: about 200

YES: If you could take you staff on a dream trip, where would it be and why?
World Boards: I went to Mazama heli years ago and that was all time. Mazama!