Basic UnInc. RDM

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**Left image: Topsheet. Other images: Flip/flop bases.
Left image: Topsheet. Other images: Flip/flop bases.

Basic UnInc. RDM

Blast from the Past

Romain De Marchi wanted to pay tribute to a board that he rode at chad's gap while filming for his legendary part in POP. He used the same artist Kalonji to capture the same style of art with a more modern theme. The Basic UnInc RDM is a supercharged Basic with all the upgrades you want to have on a classic board. It comes in a camber with sintered base and we added some slamback inserts to make it the ultimate all-round board.


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Art by : Kalonji

Kalonji was a young artist when Romain made his UnInc. Board with him 15 years ago. He now is a world renowned artist who has publications around the world. It was an honor for us to be able to work with him on the revival of his iconic graphic.


Basic UnInc. RDM tech

149, 152, 156W, 158

Flex rating: 7/10

Riding Type



UnderBite edges re-distribute a rider’s weight in such a way that it enhances turning ease and edge hold. Creating divots inward at the binding area reduces and disrupts the surface area of the edge that has contact with the snow while the board is turning. This increases the edge pressure by distributing your weight/energy in the areas where you need it - from the binding out, and through the center of the board where the carving arc is taking place. This segmentation of the sidecut into 3 key zones focuses your body weight onto areas that initiate, hold and release turns.


Poplar/Paulownia/Bamboo + Slambacks

Creating a lighter, more responsive core than the Full Poplar. The Poplar + Bamboo uses the same durable core, lightens it up by replacing 30% of the Poplar with Paulownia and then inserts two bamboo stringers down the full length for added pop and response

Base Profile


Base Materials

Sintered True

Just like it says. Pellets or course powder is pressed until it forms a solid. There are several suppliers for our entire industry and they each have different codes for them, depending on the color and transparency. These codes can make it seem like you’re getting many different kinds and grades of sintered but they’re all pretty much the same as far as you and I will ever tell. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast. But to do that, it needs to be waxed and prepared for local conditions.

Know your Specs


Basic UnInc. RDM specs

Board Length (cm) 149 152 156W 158
Surface Area (dm2) 38.3 39.4 41.8 41.5
Tip Length (cm) 20.5 21 21.2 21.5
Tail Length (cm) 20.5 21 21.2 21.5
Effective Edge Length (cm) 113 115 118.5 120
Contact Length (cm) 108 110 113.5 115
Waist Width (cm) 24.8 25 25.9 25.3
Tip Width (cm) 29.1 29.4 30.3 29.8
Tail Width (cm) 29.1 29.4 30.3 29.8
Rocker / Camber (mm) R3 / C3 / R3 R4 / C4 / R4 R4 / C4 / R4 R4 / C4 / R4
Sidecut (m) 7.7 / 7 / 7.7 7.9 / 7.2 / 7.9 8.2 / 7.5 / 8.2 8.3 / 7.6 / 8.3
Ref. Point (cm) 52.1 53.3 57.1 57.1
Ref. Point (in) 20.5 21 22.5 22.5
Ref. Stance Setback (mm) 0 0 0 0
Min Ref. Stance Width (cm) 48.1 49.3 53.2 53.2
Min Ref. Stance Width (in) 18.9 19.4 20.9 20.9
Max Ref. Stance Width (cm) 56.1 57.3 61.2 61.2
Max Ref. Stance Width (in) 22.1 22.6 24.1 24.1
Rider Weight (lbs) 110-160 120-170 150-200 160-210
Rider Weight (kg) 50-72 54-77 68-90 72-95