YES. Ttrouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew

From virtuoso snowboarder to fashion innovator to skate punk electro artist to honky-tonk warbler, Trouble Andrew may be many things at once but his signature is style. After taking his professional snowboarding career all the way to the Olympics, Trouble turned to product design, pushing street influence into technical products for brands like Burton, Analog, Oakley, and Nixon. Switching direction again, his need to create met his passion for music and the Trouble Andrew project began to evolve.

Trouble released the Trouble LP in 2005, a full length album fused from his punk rock and hip hop influences. The album was re-released as Remixed and Remastered by Virgin in 2009 with new production from Shitake Monkey and Trouble. For the next year Trouble went on a production bender, doing songs with the likes of Diplo, Santigold, Ninjasonik, Amanda Blank, Curren$y, Jackie Chain, Lil Jon, Stunnaman of The Pack, Hollywood Holt, Team Facelift, and more. The result was The Trouble Gang Mixtape, an epic 30 song outpouring that demonstrated Trouble’s mastery of his own personal genre as well as his ability to push into completely new musical territory.

His next project, Dreams of a Troubled Man on Trouble Gang Records/Last Gang Records picks up where the Mixtape left off. It’s a dark and roaming personal statement that corrals an even more eclectic range of influences for an even more unique sound, a sound that can only be described as Trouble.

Words By: Tim Brodhagen

YES. Mikee Pederson

Mikey Pederson

I just want to say thanks to the boys at Yes for all the amazing opportunities this season. It has been my most productive year filming and I'm really looking forward to the movie coming out this fall. It's been a busy, fun ass winter shooting with these guys. but now the time has come for me to get back to work for the summer and get ready for next season. Thanks to everyone supporting Yes and to all those who love snowboarding. I Hope the the summer goes well for you all and thanks for stopping by. Peace for now.


YES. Madison Ellsworth

Madison Ellsworth

I was a fortunate little guy to grow up in Breckenridge, Colorado. It made it very easy to fall in love with snowboarding. I knew from the first time I got on a snowboard when I was 9 that I could do this for the rest of my life. It was all around me and I just couldn't get enough of it. I loved all sports, but when snowboarding came along all the other sports fell off my map. When I was 16 I dropped out of school so I could snowboard full time and travel. My Love for snowboarding has only gotten stronger since then and my boundaries are non existent, bringing to reality the dream of traveling to as many places as I can and taking snowboarding as far as I can to spread the love and passion of shredding. Full speed ahead!

The upcoming season will be insane! Filming for the YES movie is going to be an unreal experience! Spreading the love of boarding is what its all about and that is exactly what YES is doing.

YES. Colin Spencer

Colin Spencer

I am from Golden Colorado I have been spending my whole life in the mountains and will continue to do so forever. Being a part of YES is the shit, I really like direction they are continuing to go in a wild era of snowboarding.I started riding harder than ever before when they hooked me up with some boards and I am so grateful. The past two summers I have been coaching at High Cascade which is also unreal because I never did spend summers snowboarding and now get to ride all year long. I spent a majority of last season in Washington with long time homie Madison, we just hiked our balls off everyday to get shots for the movie! It was a fun experience but I bought a sled after that ha. Traveling meeting new people and getting myself into new experiences is all I want to do.

Thankfully for snowboarding and support from my sponsors I am very excited to see what I will get into over the next year. No matter what, I am just going to make the best out of everyday wherever whenever with whoever. This is a dream come true to be part of this family. Life is good and without snowboarding it just wouldn't be as awesome.

YES. Colin Spencer

Clint Allan

i grew up in a little coastal town on the south coast of australia. since i can remember my dad would take my and the family to the snow for the winter so we could all shred. surf in the summer an snowboard in the winter. from that childhood i have pretty much kept the same thing going. snowboarding as much as i can around the world and every minute I'm free getting into the water.

I've been fortunate enough to be involved with the yes family for the past season and had such an amazing winter just past with them filming for the team movie. i can't wait to get back into winter and see what this season brings!