Name: David Carrier-Porcheron a.k.a DCP

Where do you call home: Squamish , BC and Dominical , Costa Rica. I am hoping to be trending to a 6 months -6 months life. IF I m able to pull a HOME-Schooling role for my daughter. Mountain and Ocean would be an ultimate place to live for me and my family.

What board do you use and how is it: I usually will ride the Pick Your LINE 159 for most of everything. I love to freeride and throw a bit of freestyle in there so . The PYL is an aggressive, high performance board that holds the road on any type of conditions. Although it prefers Powder and so do I . I also ride the 420 when I just want to go for some deep pow days in the trees. I also got one with a noboarding pad on it and its also very fun . This year I brought a noboard and a regular board on my Cheetah rack for my sled every day I went out .
In the spring , I like to ride a Basic 55 .

Describe a perfect day for you: A prefect day would be to wake up at 5 am , score 2 hours of offshore barrels , get back in time to wake up with my wife (before kids wake up) and have some adult time. Then hearing the little feet on the floor run to our bedroom. I would snuggle with both kids and wrestle in bed for a while. After that, we would make breakfast, a quick smoothie or juice from Vitamix on the drive up to Whistler, it’s dumping still and they are still bombing the Alpine. We are shredding pow with friends, and with the kids. Alpine opens and we shred top to bottom. Grab some radiation free sushi after the day of riding. Get home. Take a warm steamy shower with my wife to save on water obviously. Make popcorn and watch a family movie with a fire going in the fire place. Babies are falling asleep on us and I take em to their bed. I thank my angels and remember how grateful I am for everything and everyone in my life.

Instagram: cholulaindahole
Facebook: YES snowboards