Tadashi Fuse

LIVES: Nagano, Japan

For the past two seasons you’ve been based in Nagano, Japan. What’s that like?

The terrain is much different than Whistler stuff, or even compared to my Tohoku hometown area. The size and scale doesn’t compare to Whistler, but the snow is good and there are still plenty of big lines and steep terrain to be explored. More importantly, everything is new and fresh to me, and it gets me motivated to explore and find locations that others can’t see. I want to apply what I gained from riding and living in Canada, here.

Tool of the trade?

I mainly use the TDF 156 cause I love to ride anything! It’s an all-around board I feel at home on in any situation. Backcountry, lift access stuff, laps through park, groomies, cat tracks… you name it! Of course, the lure of The 420 is strong on deep fluffy pow days. It’s a shorty and a fatty, so it floats, slashes, cuts, carves, and spins with ease. A super fun board to ride for sure. I also ride my Yukiita. (That’s what the Japanese call a hand-shaped, binding free board)

Describe your perfect day

A perfect day is waking in the morning to see a good dump of snow outside your window. Then, heading to the hill with friends, you drive into a bare parking lot and see empty lifts running…..!